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Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti

Welcome to Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation

Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti  Foundation was established based on the awareness and willingness for the Empowerment of Local Community in an area or island, mainly for young generations to share with others. It invites them encouraging the local community to improve themselves and natural resources in their surrounding environment by recognizing and appreciating the diversity of Indonesia’s culture and environment.

Society as a dynamic social community can witness the changes of culture and environment along with the development of human civilization today.

This foundation was established as a creative forum and functional for young generations to be able to uphold the harmonization of life through universal means, which is through education, volunteering for social, environmental, and maintaining local arts by collaborating nationally and internationally.

Cultural exchanges, knowledge, and the abilities between the local community and overseas volunteers can inspire anyone to develop, empathize with others, create a religious atmosphere, knowledgeable in foreign or regional language, and increase income in an economically sustainable manner.

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Philosophy Logo

Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti


Light is a source of pure power that is sincere and continuous. All goodness will spread in all directions


The circle Mandala is a form of Mandala which means strength, maintaining relationships and appreciating the beauty of the universe.

Hands : GOD, Community, Enviroment

a harmonious life which includes the development of a complete human being with devotion to God Almighty, love for environmental sustainability and harmony and peace with others.

Vission & Mission

We Do Share, Care and Love

Our Vission

Our vision is a world where people recognize and appreciate the diversity of Indonesian culture and environment and respect each other. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or cultural practice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for everyone, especially young people of Indonesia, to explore the wider world, brightening their eyes, hearts and minds with useful knowledge for their future based on empathy, sincerity and the upholding of religious and cultural values.