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Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti

We welcome you to volunteer. Many volunteer from around the world have been working with us and have helped us to implement and run our education programs. It does not matter if you come and help just for couple of hours or for longer period. The children value your time and energy. You don’t need to have any volunteering experience, just an good heart and the most important things are some creativity, flexibility and lots of love for our kids. Volunteering is free, but as we are a self supported organization, all of the housing, meals and transportations are at your won cost.

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Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti

You also could support our other program by cash or bank transfers.

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There are two sides to this. We are offering a new perspective to both the local community and the volunteers who come to stay.

With Indonesia increasingly set to become a major player on the international stage, and with a significant proportion of Bali’s income reliant on its natural environment for tourism, there is a huge argument for educating the local people on sustainable living and farming practices, as well as the effect current practices on the future environment.

You will see when you come, that Bali is an island of contrasts. Stunning views across the rice fields, next to a river full of multi coloured plastic. Beautiful white sand beaches edged by an estury of sewage. A stunning religious procession passing small children throwing their rubbish onto the road.

A huge amount of these problems come down to a lack of education, but this is knowledge that in an ever increasingly urbanized and industrialized world everyone can benefit from.

Meanwhile, the English language skill you provide the local community with allows them access to jobs in businesses which would otherwise be denied to them, and when they get there they are able to take their knowledge of sustainable development with them.

As the world becomes more economically integrated there is an ever prevalent need for further cross cultural understanding and the opportunity for those of us in stuck in the ‘rat race’ to get back to nature and their roots.

More people than ever are looking for a new perspective on life, whilst from a business perspective questions of ethics, sustainability and tradition must be asked with mounting urgency in an increasingly homogenized economy which can often risk sidelining these issues.

Whether you’re on a gap year, taking a break from work, on your summer holiday or retired and looking for a new challenge, we can give an insight into a whole new world, and equip you with new tools for your future.

It’s as simple as ‘get involved’. Our program can be built flexibly around you and your skills. But we encourage you to dig up as much information as possible on the activities you are involved with, and spend as much time as possible getting to know your village hosts, and interacting with the culture and local environment of the community.

Indonesia is a fast growing economy, but it is one that risks making the mistakes that have already been made to catastrophic effect elsewhere in the world, or falling victim to unscrupulous multinationals, in their own pursuit of industrial growth.

As just one example of many, think about the ‘forest fires’ ripping through Sumatra island and Kalimantan island every year, conveniently clearing acres of land for oil plantations. The weak soil is only fertile enough for a couple of years of crop before yet more forest has to be cleared again.

At Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation we see this as a fantastic opportunity to to educate each other to be responsible travelers and as volunteers you will directly and positively contribute to the local communities and environment during your stay in Bali.

After several days, a week or a month with our program you will get to know the culture and environment of Bali and study the Indonesian language.

We are located in central Bali. Bali Island is part of Indonesia Republic, the world’s largest archipelago country. There are 33 provinces, 742 languages, 17,504 islands, 9,634 unnamed islands and 6,000 un-inhabited islands which make up the country of Indonesia.

Indonesia is also known as the world’s biggest maritime country, the vastness of Indonesian’s water reaches 93,000 km and the coastal length is 81 thousand km² or almost 25% the world’s coastal length. Indonesia’s forest equal 39.549.447 km² and Indonesia boasts the world’s biggest mangrove forest.

Bali Island is located between Java and Lombok Islands. Whilst the most widely followed religion in Indonesia is Islam, Bali is majority Hindu. This gives it a fascinatingly unique culture, look and charm. As with every island in Indonesia, the nature is stunning.

Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation is located in Ubud Village, Gianyar - Bali. Ubud  is a town on the Indonesian island of Bali in Ubud District, located amongst rice paddies and steep ravines in the central foothills of the Gianyar regency. Promoted as an arts and culture centre, it has developed a large tourism industry. As a volunteer on this program you will be given ample opportunity to visit exotic sites during your holiday in Bali. Bali is a tropical region with humid and hot climate but Kemenuh Village is cooler than the beach area and Denpasar.

Whether you are a college student looking for extra academic points, a retiree looking for a new challenge, or anyone in-between, if you are sincere in your quest for knowledge and believe in what we are trying to achieve, then we would love to have you!.

Yes, Bali is safe. In 2003 and 2005 there were bombing incidents in the party area of Kuta, south Bali. The Indonesian government responded to this with a dramatic increase in security. These incidents in no way reflect the actions of the Balinese people, or indeed the Indonesian people as a whole.

You will find that Balinese people are some of the kindest and friendliest on earth. There is very little or no crime, especially in the villages where our project is based. Of course we recommend that you remain alert, but no more than you would at home.

Remember, you will not be staying in an International Hotel or partying all night long at a discotheque in Bali. You will be living in a bungalow, guesthouse or even family home, in the middle of the rice fields, in a small village.

To participate in Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation volunteer program you will be given a flat charge. This will cover accommodation, local transportation, attendance of all workshops, and placement fee. You can expect to be fully immersed in the Balinese Hindu culture, surrounded by nature, and visit sites of cultural and traditional significance. Get involved and learn traditional dances, the local language, and new skills from woodcarving to rice farming.

A normal day with the project will see you teaching English in the morning, or any other skills you wish to share, whilst the afternoon will be dedicated to cultural and environmental learning and activities. The weekend is free, although we have loads of ideas if you’re stuck for where to go!

We are open all year round, so any time is good. As our program can be enjoyed for as short a time as one week, you can come whenever your schedule allows. Please just aim to arrive on a Sunday in preparation for starting on the following Monday.

There are many choices of flights from Asia, Europe, USA, Australia and so on. The time of flight and transit are varied. Please talk to your travel agent or have a look online for prices and routes.

Once you have arrived in Bali, it takes about an hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport to the Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation location.

Some nationalities (for example Singaporean) do not require a visa to enter Indonesia, however many do. If you are not sure for your country you can check online.

From Ngurah Rai International Airport to Ubud, it takes about an hour and costs IDR 400,000 (about US $ 35). There are Taxi’s available at the airport or if you want us to pick you up for the same price just let us know in advance.

Try to change some money before you come. If you run out of time there are many places at the airport to do it. If you prefer to use an ATM there are many all over Bali using Cirrus, Plus, Visa and MasterCard.

Please inform your bank and credit card company of your trip to Indonesia to avoid difficulties with using your card in the ATM’s here. Asia loves Visa or Master Card. Several restaurants and shops use American Express.

There are many international medical clinics in Bali. Since the Bali bombings, the Indonesian government spent enormous budget on increasing local and private hospitals. The clinics usually do not take health insurance from your country so it is important that you take out a Travel Insurance policy before you leave your home country.

If there is an emergency situation requiring specialist treatment you will be evacuated to Singapore or other neighboring countries.

To book your program and plan your stay in our foundation, a deposit of 50% of the total program you selected is demand. Payment can be made by bank safely and in compliance with International Banking Standards (BSB):

Account name : I Ketut Gemuh

Account No. : 1186372854

Bank Name : Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Bank Address : Jalan Raya Andong, Tegalalang, Gianyar – Bali – Indonesia ( 80571

Swift code :  BNINIDJADPS

Country  : Indonesia