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School Teaching Programs

Program Details

Every one or volunteer whether Indonesian or Foreigner who has the passion to share with others by contribute time, mind, energy and respect one another in the program appointed for an organization/community/company activity based on the applicable law of the country/area. Teaching Volunteer Program in Bali.

Interested in being a volunteer Teacher in Bali, We are Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation Teaching project will see volunteers teaching school children valuable English, Chinese, German, French language and ect also sharing their skills and culture. Volunteers gain teaching experience and help improve access to education within the local community which can help kids stay in school or Learning Center continue with further education and opens doors to better employment opportunities later in life.

Requirements To Be A Volunteer In Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation :

  • Apply for your Social Visa within your country of residence (unless you plan to get a tourist visa upin arrival) Minimum age is 20, no maximum of age, as long as he/she is able to contribute with the program presented.
  • To follow the Program’s regulations as determined and to be ready to adjust whenever required, e.g. weather, traditional ceremony.
  • To fill in the personal form and motivation letter. (CV)
  • To attach bill of health form, travel insurance, travel document from their country.
  • To acknowledge, learn, understand the whole Program to be followed and uphold the value of civility, compliance and customs of Indonesia.
  • Must have independent spirit and responsibility, and be flexible, open, and loyal, showing leadership, and empathy towards others and willing to work hard.
  • Should be able to adjust, give positive contribution on the whole Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation program and follow all regulations that apply.
  • To send copy your photo passport.
  • To pay the application letter and administration fee of the program to be followed.
  • Active in filling in the testimony, upload the activities’ photos/videos during the program in Indonesia through the website, Media Social (FB & Twitter).

What to expect and how you'll make an impact

Tourism and hospitality are major industries in Bali and the main source of employment for local people. Jobs in the sector require a high level of English proficiency so the chance to learn from and practice the language with a native speaker is extremely valuable.

As a volunteer teacher, you’ll be running after-school English classes for elementary school children. You may be paired up with another volunteer or in sole charge, and you’re free to get creative with how you teach. You might include games, songs, sport or art in your lessons. There is a general syllabus for you to follow and examples of what previous volunteers have done to guide your lesson planning.

Day-to-day teaching volunteer work varies, but generally consists of:

  • Teaching English to 7-15 year olds
  • Providing pronunciation and language guidance
  • Lesson planning
  • Setting up educational games and activities

Why do Teaching volunteering in Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation?

Why volunteer as a teacher in Bali  with Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation? When you join the Teaching project in Bali, you’ll be giving a hand up to the local community while also developing personally and professionally by:

  • Improving access to education in Bali
  • Helping students develop the skills they need to find long-term employment
  • Getting experience teaching English or others language
  • Developing your communication skills
  • Gaining teaching abroad experience
  • Immersing yourself in Balinese culture

Exploring Bali’s incredible and diverse landscapes

Direction Program Of The Volunteer’s Activity In Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation :

Empower the community with 70% employment of local people, supported by 30% volunteers from countries around the world.

Short Visit Program

Individual, Group Program (max 5 people). Minimum 1 weeks and max. 4 weeks can be followed by volunteers from any country.

The activity is more focused in education field, by mentoring on foreign language teaching especially English in schools (formal and informal).

Program Administration Fee:



1 week

2 week

3 week

4 week


Short Visit Program

300 USD

850 USD

1500 USD

2000 USD




3 %

5 %

8 %


Application Letter Fee





The Fee Is Including The Volunteer’s Facility During The Program Hold By Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation:

  • Placement program in Indonesia. (Bali)
  • Pick up transport during arrival in the Airport.
  • To legally register the Documents related to the volunteer’s activity on site to the local Custom Village and authorities.
  • Receive cellular phone and SIM card of Indonesian GSM as a communication mean during the program.
  • Accommodation go to school or village.
  • Light treatment at the hospital.

Not Included In The Fee Programs:

  • Volunteer’s food and drink during their stay in Indonesia.
  • Car and motorcycle rental for personal needs.
  • Visa extension.
  • Volunteer’s return transportation when the program’s finished.
  • Volunteer’s accommodation, food and drink during the vacation’s program. Karisma Pertiwi Bhakti Foundation only provide your vacation option once you have finished the program from Monday to Friday. (The weekend is free, although we have loads of ideas if you’re stuck for where to go!)

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