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Below is a copy of the rules of volunteering as sent by a different  Foundation/ Yayasan but in accordance with the laws of Bali, Indonesia.

Indonesian Visa

To volunteer in Bali you need to have a Social/Cultural Visa. It is not permitted to do any volunteer/ social work in Indonesia with only a Tourist Visa or Visa On Arrival (VOA), even if your stay is less than one month.

Steps To Receiving A Social/ Cultural Visa

1) Volunteer applicate is approved by Balinese Foundation/ Yayasan (NGO)

2) Four - six weeks before the volunteer placement starts, the volunteer is requested to provide a copy scan of their passport to The Balinese Foundation/ Yayasan.

3) One week later, an Inviational letter is provided from our non-profit organization's (Yayasan) founder for the volunteer's Social Visa Application.

4) Volunteer applies at their local Indonesian Consultant/Embassy for their Social Visa cost is around USD45

5) Volunteer's Social Visa application is approved after approx 3 - 5 business days after their application submission.

6) Volunteer arrives into Bali/ Indonesian and their initial 60 day Social Visa starts.

7) Volunteer's placement is over 60 days, Social Visa needs to be extended. Each monthly visa extension costs around USD$60. (Please note: You are not require to leave Bali/ Indonesia to extend your Visa)

Please Note: Once we have confirmed your placement with us, we will organise your sponsorship letter and email you all the required documents for you to apply for your Social Visa within your country of residence.

What Documents Do You Need To Apply For A Social Visa

Please submit the following documents to the Indonesian Consultant/ Embassy addressed in your invitional letter

Your Passport (valid for more than 6 months) Passport contains at least one blank visa page. Amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa purposes. Two recent color photographs (passport size) on picture-quality papers with clear background.

Roundtrip Itinerary (original/copy) or a letter from travel agents, airline, steamship company, confirming the purchase of tickets into Indonesia (note the officer may ask the copy of the original airplane ticket), Travel insurance. A duplicate copy of your Volunteer Program Bali Invitational letter.

A color copy of the K.T.P (Indonesian ID Card) of the principal/ person who signed the letter of Invitation if the person is an Indonesian Citizen of the non-profit organization Founder’s ID Card

Social Visa Application Form (obtain from your local Consultant/Embassy or their website). Application process time will usually 3-5 business days (but please check this). The cost of a Single Entry Social/ Cultural Visa will be around USD$45. This is paid by the volunteer. The visa is valid for 60 Days and is then extendable monthly.

Each monthly visa extension costs around USD$60. You will be able to stay up to a total of six months in Indonesia with the Social/ Cultural Visa. Please check with your nearest embassy/ consulate in your country for processing times and what type of documents you need to apply for the visa

Please note: Once you have obtain your Social Visa you have 90 days from the date of issue to enter Bali/ Indonesia. The Social Visa only starts from the date of enter into Bali/ Indonesia

View your nearest Indonesian Embassy near you.
For further details on Indonesia Visas Departure Tax